Moving Hand Types 160

Wish you all a very happy new year 2014. All the questions in this post are related to events that happened in 2013.

1) In 2013,which country became the first country in the world to reject a seat on the UN security council? The position was eventually taken over by Jordan?

2)Once when Lord Shiva was engrossed in deep meditation upon his abode, Mount Kailash, three drops of perspiration originated from his forehead and fell down on the earth. From those drops manifested a very beautiful infant, who was of reddish complexion and who had four arms.The child was handed over to the earth goddess, Bhumi for upbringing by Lord Shiva. The child was named Bhauma as he was nurtured and brought up by 'Bhumi'.When Bhauma grew up, he went to Kashi and did a tremendous penance to please lord Shiva. Lord Shiva blessed him by granting him a special abode.Whom are we talking about here?

3)What is special about this ice cream creation?

4)What term did this lead to?

5)What do these devices create? I know I will be frowned up if I did not bring this up.

Answers: Moving Hand Types 159

1) What are these phablet, omnishambles, selfie,digital detox,vom-worthy?
#New words included in the English language.

2)Names of what include Dreamland, Paradise Ranch, Home Base, Watertown Strip, Horney Airport?
#Area 51.

3)X was a profession in England and Ireland that lasted until Y's became affordable and reliable. X's often used a truncheon or a heavy stick made of bamboo to reach windows on higher floors. X was paid a few pence a week. X was not supposed to leave unless the client has acknowledged. X was a very popular profession with elderly men, women and also with police constables to supplement their earnings.

What are X and Y?
#Knocker up

4)What is common to Leonardo Davanci, Srinivasan Ramanujam, James Watt, Ekalavya?
#All are self dictacts or self learned.

5)Screenshot of what and what is special about this?

#Video Game completely designed based on the actual terrain of Mars.

Answers: Moving Hand Types 158

1)What is special about this image?

#First image ever to be uploaded on Instagram.

2)A strong local tradition has it that this dish X was born in Castelfranco Emilia.One night during a trip, Lucrezia Borgia checked into an inn in the small town and during the night the host became so captivated by Lucrezia's beauty that he could not resist the urge to peek into her room through the keyhole. The bedroom was lit by only a few candles, and so he could barely see her navel. This pure and innocent vision was enough to send him into an ecstasy that inspired him to create X.
#The pasta Tortellini.

3)Who is she and what is she specially creditted with?

#Hedy Lamar, One of the early founders of the concept of Bluetooth.

4)What is Y?
Perhaps the most guilt-inducing holiday, Y,takes place on the day in which we have used up our resources for the year. Meaning, humanity has used more than the earth can regenerate for the year. It started in 1987, though humanity first went into overshoot the year before. In 1987, we acknowledged the extent of our resource gluttony on December 19. Last year, the holiday took place on August 22. The New Economics Foundation calculates the calendar day of Y by using the following formula: (world biocapacity/world ecological footprint) x 365.

Parade Swag: Hermione's time turner
Celebrity Spokesperson: Al Gore
#Ecological Debt Day.

5)What is Z? Z is the Malay and Indonesian word for "language", which derives from the Sanskrit word भाषा. In many modern languages in South Asia and Southeast Asia which have been influenced by Sanskrit or Pali, Z and cognate words are now used to mean "language" in general.
#Indonesian Bahasa.

Moving Hand Types 157

1) Connect PredictWise, Ben Zauzmer,Peter Gloor,The Social Oscars,Farsite Forecast?
#Prediction models for the Oscars.

2) Connect William Henry Harrison, Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield,William McKinley, Warren G Harding,Franklin Roosevelt, John F Kennedy, Ronald Reagen,George W Busy Jr.?
#The curse of Tippecanoe

3) What is Marlyn Monroe holding and what is the object's claim to fame?

#Radioplanes the company that made the WW2 Airplane drones.

4)Connect 105.6 ,Babur, Surya Bhagavan?
#Kohinoor Diamond which weighs 105.6 carats, Babur owned it briefly, Syamantaka jewel originally owned by Surya Bhagavan is believed to be the current day Kohinoor Diamond.

5)The variations could be black or white smoke..but where?

#The smoke coming out of the Vatican to announce the Papal Selection.

Answers:Moving Hand Types 156

1)What is special about this?

#Wells Fargo's ATM in Antarctica.
2) Where?

#The map of the moon.
3)Which event's logo?

#Love Parade in Germany.

4)What is the significance?
#Ravana's Veena

5)But where?  
#Voyager's journey outside the milky way.

Answers:Moving Hand Types 155

1)X's short tenure as finance chief caused him to become an object of ridicule.His penny-pinching manner led the term X to be applied to things perceived as cheap.

During this period an art form of growing popularity was a shadow profile cut from black paper. It provided a simple and inexpensive alternative for those who could not afford more decorative and expensive forms of portraiture, such as painting or sculpture. Those who considered it cheap attached the word "X" to it. What is X?

2)What is his claim to fame?

#Aarne Thompson founder of  tale type classification system

3)Vodka but?

#Putinka after Russian president Putin.

4) Connect these contenders?


5) Patented what?

#IKB Blue color

Moving Hand Types 154

1)Where would you be with ~49,000 others if you saw Lenin Avenue, International Friendship Street, Heroes of Stalingrad Street, Embankment Street, Builders Avenue,Enthusiasts Avenue, Lesya Ukrainka Street on your way?
#Pripyat , town where the Chernobyl Reactor was located.

2) What is special about this picture?

#The only photograph of any Mughal king ever.

3)Connect this man with Star Trek's LCAR, US Federal tax forms, Apple, Microsoft, British Airports Authority, CNN.#The font Helvetica's creator Max Miedinger.

4)X made their first appearance in 1964 during the Ranger 7 mission. JPL had six failures prior to this effort. The Ranger 7 launch day arrived and with it came the X. The mission performed flawlessly, as did its X-powered successors, Ranger's 8 and 9. Up until the Voyager mission, X showed up only at launch. Nowadays, they are often seen in mission control facilities during critical mission stages such as orbit insertions, flybys and landings, or any other event of high anxiety or risk.#Peanuts and NASA.

5) Which company's logo?
Hint: HQ in Seattle,Founders: Peter Diamandis, Eric Anderson, Other Key Investors include Kavitark Ram Shriram, Eric Schmidt,Larry Page.

#Planetary Resources, Inc., formerly known as Arkyd Astronautics, is a company which was formed in November 2010 and focuses on Asteroid Mining.